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First time home buyer!
January 2022
I am a first-time home buyer now in a place I LOVE in the worst time to buy a home!  And these two helped make it happen.  They were extremely quick to get me in to look at any place I wanted and very helpful with all the questions and legal technicalities/paperwork that come up when learning how to do all this stuff.  They called me with updates almost every day to keep me in the loop and remind me what was needed to get things done.  They were both emotionally and logically very supportive throughout the entire process and I could not imagine having a better team on my side when doing this type of life step.  They were very honest but positive and when my hopes were down, they made me feel like we would be able to do it and we did!  We worked our butts off and found me the perfect place in the end, despite all the obstacles that were in my way.  I am very happy with the outcome we had 🙂
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